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ZEKI x DAI-Lab at TU Berlin

Presenting the BeIntelli project on Autonomous Mobility

The DAI-Lab at the TU Berlin and ZEKI are dedicated to distributed artificial intelligence. Autonomous entities, equipped with AI, communicate and cooperate with each other to enable a new generation of systems and solutions. We are developing autonomous test vehicles and deploying them on our real-laboratory in Berlin, Germany.

The BeIntelli research project is exhibiting at CES as part of Berlin Partner's joint booth. The aim is to present Europe's currently largest real-world laboratory for autonomous mobility, which has been set up in the heart of Berlin and is operated with a fleet of autonomous vehicles, to international science and industry, and in particular to show stakeholders what is currently being implemented in the research landscape in Germany and at the same time to inspire participation in the real-world laboratory, which will be continued and operated by the initiated Center for Tangible AI and Digitization (ZEKI).

Our Approach to Autonomous Driving

Towards reliable, scalable infrastructure supported autonomy with Distributed AI

From vehicles to...

... to connected mobility devices

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